Retro, trippy, dynamic, immersive... Dennis Dashwood’s black light poster and collage art collections are hard to describe, but the instant, emotional punch is crystal-clear.

Step back to experience the bold aesthetic with an expansive view, then zoom in to search for hidden meanings. You’ll often find masked motives and secret messages woven into the scene. DASHWOOD is a master of micro and macro storytelling.

DASHWOOD entered the art world in the 90s and has explored many different mediums over the years. After dabbling in film and camera work, he found his passion in the editing room and built a successful career as a graphic designer and freelance video editor.

Creative freedom is non-negotiable for DASHWOOD. Themes of liberation weave through both his personal life and his artwork, as well as a basic principle that all is One.

DASHWOOD’s black light poster collection is deeply inspired by flocked posters from the 70s. Art has the power to transform ideas and draw light out of shadows. His designs often explore the unseen and use darkness to illuminate what’s hidden right in front of us.

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